What’s the use of studying? Just as the answers of the ancient scholars, there are brief answers that can cover the whole and use of learning are: Learning to be human.

There have been many different opinions about learning, indeed “learning” is the most difficult thing in our life. Each person in a different position has completely different thinking about learning. If these thoughts were the thoughts of an adult, the following is the thought of a “late afternoon” person I have read on an online newspaper: The true purpose of learning is That’s it. Learning like this is expected to be useful for life, to do a part of society. On the other hand, if a student goes to school and he thinks about the function, sees the man get off the horse and gets in the car, and wishes to have a high and wide door, then the baffled baits, that rich bait not sure how to remind us to the status of being a true person in life. So who wants to get rid of the language of birth, they need to “learn to be human”; but learning to be a person doesn’t have to steal books to go to school and pass the exam in and out, but it is the imitation of the ancient needle that follows, making all one’s obligations to the people of society so.

If an older person thinks about learning after having had many experiences in his life, a student, sitting in a school chair, has a completely different thought. It is the concern, the worry about your future, the concern about the work for the future, because it is impossible to determine where your future lies.

Sometimes learning, worrying about the future of young people is still very vague, sometimes not knowing where to start for their studies. If you’ve ever read Oxford lovingly, you’ve realized something, sometimes the “learning” of the Vietnamese people gets a superficial view from other countries. What impresses me is the current Vietnamese learning and thinking about learning. It is frustrating if a person who speaks directly in the face of development does not have many opportunities to complete the course; that Vietnamese themselves are not taught how to learn and do science effectively; that our pride is nothing. But really it is true, it is also a problem of our country’s education, I do not have enough qualifications to make comments or solve, but the problem is that Vietnamese students are smart but not There is an effective way to learn. Fernando told Kim that students in the UK were the most efficient way to organize their schedules and study, while the Vietnamese girl had to go to graduate school to begin. This is a serious problem. Many Vietnamese students do not know how to get the most out of it. Is it possible to devote a whole course to elementary school students on how to divide their schedules and make good use of them instead of forcing them to take extra classes and unnecessarily crammed?

Another painful thing is that Vietnamese people suffer from achievement, people only care about how many points they have, whether their children get good students or not, and those around them look at themselves or their children. come on. To do what? If the student’s true ability is not the same as the degree or score reflects. What Westerners value is knowledge in the head and true ability while what we care about is achievement, achievement, achievement. And we keep taking the four thousand years of civilization out to be proud of each other. At those diplomatic meetings, someone bluntly said it was time to look straight into the truth, that now was not the time, not the time to embrace the victories of the past. Memorizing history is an important but more important thing to do so that even people in developed countries respect and appreciate the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese students studying abroad can easily get used to the way of life, how to study and work abroad, and when returning home they are highly appreciated for their style, experience and real knowledge, except exceptions, but that is only a very small number of millions of Vietnamese people. Where to start? In retrospect, the study of Vietnamese people is still really a problem, it is still an open problem that is unknown to never be answered correctly.