Need to prepare a thorough record when studying in US high school

To study in US high school easily, you need to prepare the following documents:


Secondary school diploma: certified translation

Transcript or transcript of the last 3 academic years: certified translation

Application form of the school: We will guide students to complete their personal information, academic information, interests and answer the school’s questions.

Health certificate: Form in English, examined at major hospitals, must be signed by a doctor and stamped by the hospital.

Immunization certificate: Students attending high school in the US need to be vaccinated for some diseases. On this form, it is required to specify which injections and specific dates. Students may be offered a TB Test and a chest x-ray.

Photo album: Including 5-10 personal photos, taken with family and friends … The quality of photos must be sharp, beautiful, convey the message about personal and student’s life.

Personal Statement: Students write their own hand to introduce themselves, hobbies, school, family, present the purpose of wanting to study high school in the US, study plan in the US …

Letters of recommendation from teachers: Students usually need three letters of recommendation from three homeroom teachers and math and English teachers. In the letter, the teacher noted his or her comments about the student and made it clear whether the student was fit to attend high school in the US, then signed it.

English language certificate (IELTS / TOEFL …) or ELTIS test results (if any)

Certificates of academic achievement, certificates of extracurricular activity: If these documents are available, students can turn their records on countless other applications as well as persuade be granted a visa by the US Consulate official.

Confirmation of bank balance: This is a very important document in proving the US financial study of the family. Students need to provide a confirmation of account balance or savings book at the bank named parent. The usual amount must correspond to a minimum of 1 year of tuition and accommodation in the US.