Today, a series of mass media took place one after the other, books – the means of storing almost the oldest information of humanity still exist and retain its inherent values. When you own a book, you can read it over and over again as you need it without having to sit for hours on your computer and eye strain with the e-book. Great books can be donated to each other as souvenirs, and every time we look through our huge treasure of books, we can’t help but even laugh and laugh because we suddenly relive our past memories!

Increasingly, more and more individuals are opting for the habit of reading a variety of books instead of reading only specialized books for study and work because of the increasing awareness of the irreplaceable benefits of books. Because reading comics, reading books will help us not only cultivate knowledge, enhance thinking ability, but also practice our language and communication skills. Good books also have the effect of transmitting and keeping fire in us, helping us live positively every day, even overcoming obstacles and difficulties in life. Books are also a tonic to provide energy for the body every day!

1. Reading helps to improve communication

Reading is really a process of communication, then the author of the book and you are the characters involved in communication. Only this one-way communication process, the issues the author talks about go deep into the brain and form thinking in you but the thoughts of the author do not know if you do not write or call for feedback. Reading for a long time, you will know how to present the problem in an eclectic, coherent, smooth manner, with a neat and easy-to-understand wand head.

Not only that, thanks to this special type of communication, you will be more sophisticated when you feel and judge the emotions and attitudes of others. Establish the reflexes and sensibilities, flexibility needed to handle the problem. For example, you know how to speak in intonation, when to say when to stop, when to ask provocative questions, when to make new inspirational jokes in participants …

2. Reading helps to train imagination, association, and creativity

Books are written in the language system, specifically the words are connected continuously together to form sentences, lines, paragraphs, articles … The words used always have meaning, and that definition is referenced in the corresponding things in life. Thus, the process of reading books is also essentially a process of observing things and phenomena in real life that writing is conventionally symbolized through the process of imagination and association.

Then there’s also the association that arises when you compare issues that have been read in this book and that in other books, in the views of this person, the similarities and differences, why the similarities and differences. … The rich imagination, thoughtful thinking, combined with the discovering motivation will help you to formulate creative capacity, think of new things, find new things and thereby create new things.

3. Increase concentration of the brain in all situations

Individuals who enjoy reading will have a brain that is more focused and easy to concentrate in all situations. With this feature, if we read regularly, we will be able to fully consider the facts and do practical things in life. Besides, the habit of reading books also helps to develop your skills of objectivity and decision making.

4. Reading helps to improve the language skills

Reading is the most effective way to overcome errors in language use. You read a literary book and find that the author uses very good words to describe the sky in different states. You will find that sentences starting with the subject or predicate, starting with verbs or adjectives, still have the correct Vietnamese grammatical structure. You know how to use the transitional words ‘like’, ‘of course,’ cleverly, to express the problem. You will also come across correct forms of words that you are hesitant to know how to write …

And it is the long, focused, observant reading process that will help you build those language skills.

5. Reading helps to live well in society and as a person

Reading sports books, we know more enduring health training. Reading philosophy books, we recognize the laws and ideological developments in life, thereby forming our own outlook and way of thinking. Reading physics books, we understand the laws of the movement of the natural world more, thereby applying it to life. Reading literature to form reasonable emotions and attitudes before all situations and lives; building a harmonious, humane and in-depth life … In short, books give people a good life, harmony between themselves and the community, the surrounding environment, society and humanity.

6. Reduce stress

Stress is a factor causing many diseases that are harmful to your body health. Meanwhile, the beauty of the language in the book has the ability to help you calm and reduce stress, especially the habit of reading fiction before bedtime. This is also considered the best way to help each of us deal with stress in daily learning.

8. For healthier sleep

If you have a habit of reading before going to bed, keep this up. Because after you stop reading, the brain often signals itself to the body that the next time is to sleep. This will help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up earlier the next morning.