1. Foreign language consumption skills.

All activities, communication or study must be English or the language being consumed in the country you are attending. When you diligently interact and learn, your foreign language skills also improve. Understanding foreign languages ​​in the present era will open you wide opportunities in life and career.

2. Improve knowledge and skills.

The knowledge you gain when studying abroad will help you broadly in the future. But, knowledge is not enough but also forced to the skills. Occupational skills are what restaurants should be in a college graduate. And when studying abroad, you bring the opportunity to not only “learn” but also “practice” to form the required skills.

3. Living in a multicultural environment.

When studying abroad, you have the opportunity to interact with international students, you will have the opportunity to know more about different cultures. Each Son Ha has its own cultural identities and it is interesting to see and be involved rather than just listening and watching on television.

4. Expanding visibility.

Being able to go and study will make your vision no longer confined in tight spaces. “Go one day, learn one smart”. Looking at a problem, an event in a multi-dimensional view is less than in a tight space.

5. Change attitudes, habits, and behaviors.

Habits like littering, limiting horns (if traveling in a car or motorbike) or reducing noise in public places in the country except forcing you to look at yourself for a change. Once in a while, it will rise to be a habit for yourself and this is a must to maintain regularly, most of the time, all over the place.

6. Connecting professors and friends.

After a semester or a school year, everything can be closed in terms of time and plan but it will continue to be maintained, strengthened and even deeper if you are more open in contact. , interact with professors and friends. You will learn more widely from you when you have devoted teachers and sincere friends.

7. Good qualifications.

Even if there is widespread opinion that it is a degree, having a college or graduate degree in a neighboring country is the dream of many people.

8. New opportunities, new ideas.

Opportunities in career, in life will come to you if you have accumulated both low knowledge and good skills. Besides, new ideas will be formed and applied. All equipment will be easier when you have a cheap foundation and in today’s “flat world”, the successful person is the one who knows to seize opportunities as well as have bold ideas.

9. Be yourself.

This does not mean that only studying in the country, you are not you. But, when you are more popular with the “void” for making free decisions, you will also discover the “hidden” in yourself. The difference is always required and studying abroad is to become more mature, to become more mature and to be more independent.

Even though studying abroad is not only “pink” but “okay” is always more popular than “lost”. Because of that, an increasing number of young people buy more opportunities to buy themselves through the opportunity to study abroad except knowing that competition is always waiting.