Many students after a Tet holiday when thinking about studying are often depressed, the following ways to help you study harder such as: Buy more learning tools, think about the future …

Do not feel depressed or nervous when you feel that you do not have the spirit or motivation on the first day of the year as what you promised yourself on New Year’s Eve. It is just a very normal phenomenon. Being dissipated, “rude”, no homework, no teacher, now having to go back to school, lessons, tests “hard to swallow”, then who can be happy. Even in the US or Canada, this symptom also has a certain name, “post-holiday blues”.

But like it or not, you still have to go back to school. A few tips below will help you quickly catch up with school without being down there.

1 / Do not learn immediately

Many of us after Tet holiday jubilantly, the enthusiasm rushed into the work immediately. That is not necessarily the right way to do it. You may soon become exhausted and stressed because the pressure of homework comes back so suddenly that the unprepared spirit will react.

2 / Check out the work

Before the first day of school, take a look at your homework. This will help your brain establish readiness to return to school and reverse the post-Tet drowsiness.

3 / Buy more learning tools

Find some small school supplies such as pens, notebooks, new clothes, etc. These can help you be more eager to go to school tomorrow and use them.

4 / Set short-term goals

Take the first few days so you can keep up with the intensity of your new semester’s assignments by setting short-term goals and rewarding yourself for accomplishing them. For example, you can set a reading target by yourself at home or do all the exercises in a reference book, for example.

5 / More active in lessons

To completely wipe out the germs of Tet in your brain, actively participate in the lesson by raising your hand, answering teachers’ questions and asking questions you don’t know.

6 / Thinking about the future

No matter how much you dislike it, you still have to go to school. We all want to be successful and rich in the future. To get there, is there any better way than effort to study and work now? Rediscover inspiration by imagining a bright future.

7 / Go to bed early

You don’t want your first day of school in a state of drowsiness, do you? Getting enough sleep will make you more comfortable and “content”.

8 / Reorganize your life

Clean up the study area and the bed, iron and pack fully the night before. You will find yourself excited about going to school soon. Good preparation will help you get your first day of study after Tet.

9 / Review the to-do list

Look at your list of new year resolutions again, eliminate unrealistic goals, and start drafting plans to implement them. Soon, you will forget the boredom immediately after Tet.

10 / Do what you like

Embark on things that help you be more active in the new year, such as learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. Choose an activity that suits your budget and interests the most, and you’ll get excited right away.

11 / Spend time enjoying life

Enjoy a year full of fun ahead. You have a list of things you want to do in the new year, you have drafted a detailed plan to implement them, you are ready to start a new semester with the determination to have year-end results. best, and you’re even exploring, discovering new hobbies / skills.

This year is sure to be a great year. Believe that, doing all the tips above, you won’t have time to be sad anymore.