1.Reasonable study space

Study space plays an important role in the progress of your memorization. A spacious, cool, fresh, and noisy space will help you learn more quickly. Can stand, sit, swing … to memorize, as long as you feel comfortable. However, in my opinion, you should not lie down, because inherently in such an ideal space combined with lying posture, along with the boring memorization will easily cause drowsiness.

If you have back pain, headache, need to relax, you can listen to some music, take a deep breath, leave the study table … about 5 minutes, then return to continue memorizing.

Remember, 5 minutes of relaxation is the most ideal, if longer then you will lose the spirit of study and easily fall into other activities.

2.Ideal learning time

Besides the learning space, the time to memorize the lesson is also a deciding factor to learn quickly or slowly. In my experience, each person has a different time frame for easy learning. There are people who learn very quickly at night, some are suitable for night study, you can only memorize the fastest lesson in the early morning or afternoon …

Therefore, you cannot apply your study time to others the same. Feel free to experiment. How? It’s easy, you study all the time of the day, then summarize to see which time suits you best. It is your time, the time you need to apply to be able to learn fastest without getting bored.

3.Mental comfort

To study effectively, you need a clear mind, no worries, no worries about anything. Because when you are focused on another problem, you will not be able to learn a single word.

So before you sit down to study, you should solve all other problems, and drink a glass of cold water or a glass of milk to provide energy for the body as well as provide oxygen for the brain to work effectively.

4.Highly concentrate

When embarking on a lesson, you need to concentrate on the lesson, avoiding the “mind that hangs up the branches”. If you let your mind be dominated by other activities, the memorization will be extremely slow and difficult to enter. The principle of focus helps you focus all your energy on the lesson, making it faster, easier and more time-consuming.

To do this, you need to get rid of all the factors that can distract you, such as facebook notifications, zalo, phone calls, text messages, TV sound, etc. silence, turn off the TV and keep away from people, preferably out of sight.

5.Filter the main ideas

Filter ideas to learn, it’s a great idea before you want to memorize the lesson. Standing in front of a long post or sitting counting pages to memorize will easily make us quickly discouraged and depressed, demoralized to learn. Instead, do not learn from the beginning to the end of the lesson, do not read each word, each word, read through, filter the idea that you think is the most correct of each lesson, each page, omitting unnecessary paragraphs, ideas . Then, you use crayons to highlight those ideas, to effect the eyes through eye-catching colors, creating a sense of excitement for learning.

6.Summary of ideas to learn systematically

The trick is to form a big outline in your mind, dividing the lesson into different parts. In each of these sections, we need to find the main ideas that have been pre-filtered, and then learn the system like a hierarchical scheme or a tree diagram.

Ie divide the outline, in a post, a topic, how many sections, what each title is, the main content, what are the keywords of each part. This way you will easily memorize and the system of lessons, capture the fastest lesson without having to go around in a mess of knowledge.