According to studies and dictionaries, learning is:

Learning and practicing to understand, to have the skills, to gain knowledge for yourself.

Learning or learning, learning, learning is the process of acquiring new or additional things, cultivating knowledge, skills, experiences, values, perceptions or hobbies and possibly related to them. aggregation of various information.

Learning and practicing to understand and equip skills and knowledge: study results, study hard. Follow a good example: learn from each other, learn from experience.

In addition, if defined by psychologists, learning is a relatively long-term change in behavior, the result of experiences.

Learning is a deeper understanding, a broader understanding of the subject or area we want to know. Help us exchange knowledge, experience, increase creativity and wisdom, so that we can apply it to life and society.

The more society develops, the more they have to push and invest more in their learning. Studying is really learning, being serious and being strict about yourself so that you can truly improve. Learning a lot is never redundant, it’s futile. Only not learning is so bad and useless. Once you focus on your studies, you will achieve the results you desire. At that time, you will feel joy in your studies and so you will be motivated to continue.

Once you have understood the meaning of the concept of learning, right now, you have to plan as well as specific methods for your learning. Be serious and set a timeline for yourself to be motivated to strive. Thinking and drawing up a personal schedule, detailing the tasks and plans that the children set out to do during the day. Post it on your study table or other places you see it for easy viewing. One thing to note is that you have to accomplish the goals that you set, that way you will succeed.

Remember one thing: Success will come to the hard-working people, not the lazy ones. In learning the same, just invest, you will get back in the future many times.