What is self-study?

“Self-study is brainstorming, thinking, using intellectual capacity (observing, comparing, analyzing…) and sometimes muscles (when using tools) and the qualities of the learners themselves. (honesty, objectivity, good will, perseverance, perseverance, passion for science) both motivation, affection, human outlook, worldview to occupy a certain field, that field becomes our own ”. The concept of self-study is as vague as that.

According to the book, it is so dry, it sounds too confusing right, it’s okay we are here to clarify this issue. I will talk to each other in an easier way and easier to understand.

We can understand simple. What is self-study ?, is when you want to study a certain topic or topics without any guidance or orthodoxy, what does it mean? It means that we will work with ourselves, we will be students and teachers at the same time. You will read and study documents by yourself, you will have to be proactive and centered. That is why when you learn by yourself, you will have full control over the process, master the time, the learning time, and the amount of knowledge you want to receive.

Effective self-study plan

Every time we want to do it ourselves, or learn by ourselves, we always need to give ourselves a direction, a clear plan.

Establish yourself with the habit of self-study, creating time and space so that we can learn the best results of self-study. A better understanding of self-study, will help you go further on the path of self-study.

Always invest and innovate in learning methods, the same way of learning but there are many different ways and methods of learning, find yourself a suitable direction and make yourself most interested.

Remember that when we are passionate about our work, we can achieve the best productivity. I call it self-creating ‘happiness’ around the hard times.

Always be resolute and create your own discipline, make your own ‘hidden’ rules but don’t let yourself be pressured, science proves that “when the brain is pressured to the maximum pressure according to the condition of each person without the relief effect, it will fall into inhibited neurological state. ”This state not only makes your study become ineffective but it also leaves the memory. Your next class is no longer good. So always create some ‘happiness’ for your brain

Effective self-study method

– Self-arrange the time that best suits you, study anytime, anywhere you find convenient and interesting, no need to worry about cramming in the middle of the hot season in the extra classes, you can leisurely sit in conditioning Air conditioner that studies, not happy?

– Discover your own strengths and interests, take advantage of that to make self-study a breeze. The simplest is to learn English through reading Harry Potter, studying Optical Physics with props such as mirrors or glasses, extremely practical and interesting, huh.

– Studying at a pace that is right for you, not worrying that the teacher will teach too quickly, the whole class I understand will ask me to be ignorant (?!). What are you still weak, too efficient and time-saving?

– Find what you love about the subject, and turn learning into something you enjoy, not just an obligation. Do not torture yourself by straining the poetic lecture headset with a hot and stuffy head, and the hands are bulging because of copying and copying, try to read the comments about the work of the critics enthusiasm to see, really love certain works, inspired words will flow abundantly, sure that!

– Study with anyone you like, combined with other ways of doing things. Together with you to practice and treat each other, also the buddies detecting each other combined eating and drinking gathered, it was fun, and also helped each other to offset the weak parts of each person. Arduous need to overcome here: Self-study is obviously super self-aware, everything must be self-control, self-management already, how difficult it is to encourage yourself to overcome it alone love uu! You already understand what self-study is, so start right away.

– Today’s story is for tomorrow: Laziness, you are being possessed by the “lazy ghost” to delay your plan, especially when today you have been used to play half again. Remember, this is not a new day, you can start right when you want, look at those who are one step ahead of you and tell yourself to strive. In the middle of a race track, everyone is running really hard, the one who stopped is the one who came back to the starting line.

– I can’t concentrate: Although teenage hormones deserve to be called a criminal that distracts us, you can completely eliminate the distraction by creating a quiet space, There is little to play with, only books to calm you to learn. If you’ve done everything you still find distracted, use the mantra: “Stop focusing, learn” and follow it, just a few times, you will practice super concentrated concentration.

– But no pressure, I can not make myself learn: One of the reasons why you study at night to see here, there is no other time. Like this, figure out the number of exercises you need to complete and the small steps to complete it. You will not see far-off goals, reminding you after completing each small step will make you feel rid of your burden and urge you to reach your destination faster.

– How do I know what to focus on when I study by myself? Why not? You can find out the test format, exam limits, ask the teacher if it is a test subject at school or look up from the old and reference questions. Moreover, when reading books, you will surely understand the core issues that need to be deepened and focused. Self-study combined with good classroom learning, the results will be satisfactory. Once you have a better understanding of what self-study is, you will achieve better results.

What is the result of self-study?

Self-study not only gives us effective results and knowledge of the lessons, but self-study also helps us train a lot of the results that revolve around it.

Self-study will help you guide and plan positive and effective learning results, it helps us to gain knowledge in an active way.

Self-study gives us good qualities: Self-learners will always feel themselves proactive in everything else, giving themselves the spirit of yearning to dominate knowledge, without hesitation before difficulties, academic challenges. Self-study helps us to evaluate and select the important, useful and cultivating part of our knowledge. Therefore, self-learners are often very humble. They always want to know more.