During my years as an educator most of my time was with students ages 13 to 18, and I realized one thing: my students say a lot of things. profound and also interesting. My day would be meaningless without their naivete and silly understanding which would help me to understand many things. For that reason, I believe that we adults can learn from today’s young people. So I decided to not only empower my students but also give them a platform to freely share thoughts and perspectives on current topics being discussed in the media. Information without worrying about being judged. Be prepared, because I can’t predict what students can think or say.

Here are my students’ thoughts on the qualities of a great teacher.

“What makes a great teacher is kindness. Teachers also need to be enthusiastic when teaching … If a teacher does not believe what he or she is saying, so does their student. A great teacher is also a father, a mother, and cares about students’ minds. ”- Jada, 10th grade.

“There are so many teachers that we don’t know who is great, who is good or who is not good. In my opinion, as long as they can give lectures to help students understand without making them sleepy, they are good enough. ”- Sarah, 10th grade.

“When I remember my favorite teacher, they always have their own great products. These teachers always understand the age they are teaching and guide students into lessons. I think that’s the most important thing, and they always take positive action. ”- Gabby, 10th grade

“In my opinion, I believe that a righteous, realistic and sociable person can become an ideal teacher. Teachers are expected to be great, and be a good friend. They are like heroes and they are always there for you. ”- Brandon, 10th grade

“A good teacher is someone who cares for their students. A good teacher always attracts students. In the end, this teacher explained everything very clearly. ” – Cathleen, 10th grade.

“Some qualities that I think make a great teacher are people who care about their students. If they care about their students, they will do all they can to make sure their students get a good education. ”- Arber, 10th grade.

“A good teacher is a teacher who loves children regardless of age. Someone who is willing to give her students time to help them improve. ”- Erika, 10th grade

“A good teacher is the one who truly sacrifices for his students. Someone who can make learning fun and who is both fun and focused at the same time. ”- Laurelle, 10th grade.

“What makes a great teacher is working every day with all the desire to teach. Another thing is they really care about students. ”- Nervens, 10th grade.

“A great teacher is someone who can manage the classroom and do it effectively but always have fun. They are sympathetic, consistent with their goals, listening, or helping and patient. ”- Vernice, 10th grade.

“Being passionate people really listen to students’ ideas, are always creative, and most importantly, they have to respect students. ”- Toni, 10th grade