Benefits of extra-curricular activities in early childhood English classes

Extracurricular activities are those outside the curriculum, organized to supplement the students’ knowledge, skills and life experiences. This is not just entertainment programs but also sightseeing activities, academic programs, … Through extracurricular programs in preschool English for children, children will have Get the following benefits: 

Comprehensive development: developing complementary skills for learning foreign languages, especially speaking skills. In addition, children are trained confidence, more brave in communication.

Relieve stress: it is obvious that activities organized overtime, especially sightseeing, playing games will be more attractive to children than sitting in class. Therefore, extracurricular program is a good solution for children to relieve stress after school hours, regain interest in learning.

Building relationships: in fact, many children are very shy when they go to class, and some even show signs of depression and hardly play with anyone. Extracurricular activities will be a good environment for children to be more open, gradually become more active and connect with their peers.

What is the extra-curricular activity in preschool English classes?

 Visit music and art academies to develop your talent

Kindergarten is a young age that tends to enjoy arts such as arts and singing. So why take advantage of this interest to combine learning English? When participating in activities of visiting music and art academies, children can listen to lectures to improve their English listening skills, and to expand their interesting knowledge about the arts, thereby stimulating like to develop your potential.

Join engaging community projects

The community projects with the good meaning that they help will help children form good character, love, share, besides developing knowledge and skills. This is really a useful and rich activity that any child should participate in.

Currently, there are many community projects that are suitable for children such as planting trees, picking up rubbish to protect the environment, visiting lonely elderly, orphaned children, disabled or simpler children. hand drawing pictures to convey meaningful messages, making a nice little gift to send to needy friends, …

Join collective activities, team games

Extracurricular activities in the preschool English class are indispensable for group activities and compelling team games. After stressful studying hours, this is the time when the children are relieved, have fun playing with teachers and friends.

Not only that, through the entertainment, practice, competition or performing singing, dancing, theater, … children will promote the ability to communicate, use English naturally. At the same time, help children be more confident, open and more responsible in collective activities.

Overall, extracurricular activities play a very important role in the comprehensive development of children. This is also part of the teaching method “good at playing and having fun” in English programs for preschool children. Therefore, parents should consider choosing for their children a quality learning environment, not only imparting knowledge but also having space for children to play.